Visaton B 200 6 OHM

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Visaton B 200 6 OHM - 6Ohm, 40W/70W, rozměr-průměr 222mm, fu-18.000Hz, 96dB. Širokopásmový reproduktor.

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Visaton B 200 6 OHM

Visaton B 200 6 OHM - 6Ohm, 40W/70W, rozměr-průměr 222mm, fu-18.000Hz, 96dB. Širokopásmový reproduktor.

20 cm (8") High-end full-range loudspeaker. These high-end speakers stand out because of their high degree of sensitivity and extremely well-balanced frequency response free of noticeable deviations. This is achieved by using a very light-weight paper cone, a fabric surround and an optimised driver equipped with a 25 mm voice coil (aluminium wire) which makes optimum use of the magnetic field in the air gap. The capton voice coil carrier is vented. The sturdy aluminium diecast basket is not only optically appealing but, thanks to its rear-venting openings, ensures that physical losses are minimised. Distortion is suppressed to a very low, uniform level.

The B 200 is ideally suited to use in high-quality, powerful single-band speakers, where the cabinet design need not be restricted to classic, fully enclosed or vented cabinets, but more exotic alternatives like horns or open baffles can be used to create amazing results.

Recommended cabinets:

Volume/Principle fc/QTC
70 l/closed 62 Hz/1,2
100 l/closed 57 Hz/1,0


Technical Data:
Rated power 40 W
Maximum power 70 W
Nominal impedance Z 6 Ohm
Frequency response fu–18000 Hz
(fu: Lower cut-off frequency depending on cabinet) .
Mean sound pressure level 96 dB (2,83 V/1 m)
Opening angle (-6 dB) 48°/4000 Hz
Maximum linear displacement +/−3,5 mm
Resonance frequency fs 40 Hz
Magnetic induction 1,2 T
Magnetic flux 755 µWb
Height of front pole-plate 8 mm
Voice coil diameter 25 mm
Height of winding 4 mm
Cutout diameter 190 mm
Net weight 2,16 kg
D.C. resistance Rdc 5,0 Ohm
Mechanical Q factor Qms 8,39
Electrical Q factor Qes 0,83
Total Q factor Qts 0,75
Equivalent volume Vas 102 l
Effective piston area Sd 214 cm²
Dynamically moved mass Mms 9,7 g
Force factor Bxl 3,9 Tm
Inductance of the voice coil L 0,5 mH



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