IMG Stage Line WR-2DMX

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Wi-Fi DMX receiver (přijímač) 2,4Ghz. Pro přenos do 512 DMX kanálů.

  • Cena vč. DPH:8 609 Kč
  • Cena bez DPH:7 115 Kč
  • Dostupnost: Na dotaz (obvykle do 14 dní)

IMG Stage Line WR-2DMX

Wi-Fi DMX receiver (přijímač) 2,4Ghz. Pro přenos do 512 DMX kanálů. Instrukční manuál zašleme na požádání.

Wireless DMX receiver, 2.4GHz, for the wireless transmission of up to 512 DMX channels.

  • Due to AFHSS technology (automatic frequency hopping spread spectrum), interference-free operation also alongside Bluetooth and WLAN
  • Operating range: up to 700m
  • 1 to 512 receivers WR-2DMX can be controlled by each transmitter
  • Easy installation
  • Recessed control button for connecting/disconnecting receivers WR-2DMX
  • LED indication for operation and function
  • 3-pole XLR DMX output
  • Connection of up to 32 DMX units without repeater/level matching amplifier
  • Power supply via supplied plug-in PSU
  • Dimensions: 117x37x105mm (w/o antenna)
  • Weight: 252g

Production Partner 06/2010, 

on the WT-1DMX and WR-2DMX.

"A product with a good price-performance ratio. Easy to use and a high reliability of the wireless connection impressed during the test. No doubt, very interesting for small to large companies hiring out."

tastenwelt 02/2009

"Quick and easy to use, reliable operation."

SOUNDCHECK 11/2008 "With this system, it is possible to easily replace difficult or even impossible DMX cabling.


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